Guns in synagogues
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To carry or not: Guns in the synagogue

Thursday, September 5

We asked two members of our community to offer their views on bringing guns into our synagogues. The intent here isn't to offer pro and con opinions, just two viewpoints on a difficult issue. And we want to hear your viewpoint as well.
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Thoughtful opinions and civil discourse have a home here

Friday, September 6

Newspapers have always been a place where community gathers – a town square of sorts. They are a place where people learn what is happening, hear the opinions of their neighbors, celebrate joys and recount tragedies.
More about guns in synagogues
Many of us have been thinking about how we should protect ourselves and our synagogues amid signs of increasing risk of deadly violence. Many resources are available that touch all sides of this issue.
Boston rabbi suggests congregants bring guns to synagogue for protection

BOSTON (JTA) – A rabbi here has asked congregants to consider bringing guns to religious services as a form of protection in response to recent shootings at synagogues across the …

I don’t want to see another cop car in my synagogue parking lot

CHICAGO (JTA) – When I turned on my phone after spending a recent Shabbat relaxing with my family on vacation, it beeped with a string of messages, each more stressful than the last. A …

After Pittsburgh, some synagogues are more comfortable with guns in the pews

JTA – On an average Saturday morning at the Orthodox Ohel Tefillah synagogue on Chicago’s North Side, about 10 percent of the men carry a handgun. That number may …

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We’re starting ‘The Conversation’

This is traditionally our biggest issue, and our sales team and local advertisers have come through this year. The robust advertising in this issue reflects just how involved our community can …

Learning opportunities are all around us

No summer break for Jewish Rhode Island

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Our annual tribute to our furry friends

Springtime traditions are in full bloom

Exploring the Connection between Judaism and Mindfulness

Thursday, August 1

Judaism and Buddhism in the same joke? Nu! After all, both traditions share the idea that looking inward is a key to improving one’s interactions with the world outside.   In the …


Alan Friedman, 66

9 hours ago

Gerald Goldstein, 92

9 hours ago

Alan Hopfenberg, 90

9 hours ago

Laurence Perlman, 78

9 hours ago

Gladys Marinsky 102

Thursday, August 29

Florence Landes, 101

Thursday, August 29


Rabbi Fel: Ready to connect, ignite, transform

Tuesday, September 10

For Michael Fel, Temple Emanu-El’s new senior rabbi, moving to Providence is a bit of a homecoming. Rabbi Fel grew up in Miami, but his wife, Shayna, is a graduate of the Alperin Schechter Day School (now the Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island) and her brother, Ami Hersh, was Rabbi Fel’s best friend in rabbinical school. That’s how the couple met.
Community News

Touro Fraternal awards grants for High Holy Day security

Tuesday, September 10

In July, the Touro Fraternal Association announced its intent to pay High Holy Days security costs for all Rhode Island synagogues, Chabad houses, and Hillel organizations. As of this writing, that offer has been accepted by 18 congregations across the state.

Alliance’s family-friendly Super Sunday fundraiser planned for Sept. 15

Tuesday, September 10

As summer changes to fall, students prepare for school and beach days drift away, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island is powering up for Super Sunday, a unifying day of philanthropy that demonstrates the power of community. Every year, the Jewish community comes together in support of the Alliance’s Annual Campaign and the more than 300 programs and services it funds annually.
When I was a sophomore at Columbia College in 1963-1964, I had the privilege of studying creative writing with Kenneth Koch, a celebrated poet of what is known as the New York School. Since creative writing is inspired by “creative reading,” Koch made it his mission to bring to our attention up-and-coming authors who were not yet widely read. I am especially grateful that he introduced us to the Argentinean Jorge Luis Borges (1889-1986), whose short-story collection “Ficciones” (Grove Press, 1962) had recently become available in an English translation from the Spanish.
Rape and rape myth in Jewish tradition

Rabbi Gavi S. Ruit, a valued member of the Board of Rabbis of Greater Rhode Island, teaches adult education classes here in southern New England. Her forthcoming book, “The Story of …

Looking Back

Immortal words from an overlooked poet

Thursday, August 1

The sonnet “The New Colossus” is inscribed on the bronze plaque affixed to the pedestal on which the Statue of Liberty stands.  Today, this poem is once again being recognized and …


Lifelong Learning Collaborative

4 days ago

In the August issue of Jewish Rhode Island, editor Fran Ostendorf has an editorial titled “Learning opportunities are all around us,” and starts the editorial as follows:  “You …

Remembering Sid Goldstein

4 days ago

When I joined the Brown-RISD Hillel board, Professor Goldstein was already an honorary trustee.  What I remember most about Sid from my years as board president is that he never missed a …

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