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Who is responsible for taking on climate change?

Tuesday, November 5

We asked two members of our community to weigh in on who should be responsible for taking action on climate change. We want your opinion, too.
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What we can still learn from the Lubavitcher Rebbe about climate change

PENN YAN, N.Y. (JTA) – When the refineries were ablaze recently in Saudi Arabia, you might be forgiven if you forget that in the Amazon and Indonesia, forests were ablaze as …
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Thoughtful opinions and civil discourse have a home here

Friday, September 6

Newspapers have always been a place where community gathers – a town square of sorts. They are a place where people learn what is happening, hear the opinions of their neighbors, celebrate joys and recount tragedies.

d'Var Torah

In defense of the Maccabees

“Let everyone who has zeal for the Law and who stands by the covenant follow me!” – 1 Maccabees 2:27   Mattathias, the high priest and patriarch of the Hasmonean …

Noah’s story is a tale of hope

Celebrate the whole person, including the imperfections

The legacies we leave behind – writing an ethical

Editor's column

Many opportunities for civil discourse

Who would have thought? On a recent rainy Monday, four Israel-oriented programs were scheduled in our community. Whether or not you agree with the viewpoints presented in these programs, you have …

Step away from the rat race

Looking back at Jewish Rhode Island in 5779

We’re starting ‘The Conversation’

Learning opportunities are all around us

Mike Fink

From a Caribbean island to Rhode Island, ties that bind

I’d been planning my pilgrimage to the place where patriotism was born and bred: the bleak, black isle of Sint Eustatius.     “Don’t go there, there’s nowhere to swim, nothing to see, nothing to do,” advised a pair of sophisticated travelers I sometimes see at the pool at the local Marriott.   “Cruise ships avoid it altogether,” they claimed.  

Letters to the editor

Swim with the sharks

Thursday, October 31

The TigerSharks Swim Team at the Dwares Jewish Community Center is in full swing as kids start moving from other sports to swim season. We hope to have 30 kids participating this year with many …

Jewish veterans, are you out there?

Thursday, October 31

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA is the oldest organized veterans group in the United States. It was founded in 1896 by veterans who served in the North and the South during the Civil War. It was …

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So many wonderful memories in my personal history …

“Breaking up is hard to do”– Song by Neil Sedaka How true, how true these words are. I cannot remember the rest of the lyrics, or even much of the melody. Still, that line keeps …

An unsung American journalist is Righteous Among the Nations

Purim – how sweet it is!

In remembrance of Armistice Day